5 Reasons Why Online Marketing is Important for Your Dental Practice

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In a world where everyone has a mobile phone and people are more likely to just type in a couple of words as opposed to looking in the yellow pages, more and more practices, small and large, have moved their marketing online. Here are the reasons why you should be on the Internet:

  1. Increase the visibility

 Due to the services that you can find on the internet, from plumbers to physicists, not to mention social media and video sharing sites, you are likely going to find most of your customers there. An astonishing 89% of the adult population of North America is online, meaning that you could reach your customers with ease, using online marketing.

Going online is something that happens on a daily basis, for several hours sometimes. Use that to your advantage and promote your business. Not only does it cost less, but you can save up to 61% as well.

  1. Be competitive

Most dental practices have taken their business online, too. Some have even switched to the online method as their primary way of communicating with customers. With your competition being online, you might not get the same number of visitors, nor the same revenue.

There are more prominent practices than yours, larger ones? Online marketing solves that, as you can project yourself as a professional to the whole world, thus leveling the scales.

With a good website, some marketing, you can go as far as any larger competitor, with nothing there to stop you but your own ambition.

  1. It helps you build reputation

The Internet will allow you to legitimate yourself as a successful professional. It will show your clients that your dental practice is active, dynamic and trying to improve and grow.

Delivering your services as you advertised them will help that reputation rise, as most sites include a review system, starting from Facebook and moving on to some marketing specific sites.

Including customer opinions on your own site is a must have, and will help you increase the number of your loyal customers. Repeated high quality service will bring you advertisement in the shape of satisfied visitors, smiling ones, too.

  1. Measure and Monitor

When the traditional methods were more prominent, measuring ROI was much more difficult, due to you not having the knowledge of the success of that billboard, unless you were offering a very special service which would be, in turn, very implicative.

Online marketing makes everything easy, as you can measure and monitor everything. You can effortlessly monitor the number of visitors on your site, the online path they took to get there and their feedback are all available for you to study, as well as many other details, minute and otherwise.

  1. Easy updates of your services

You can own a site, a page on Facebook, a Twitter account, and all of those can help you post updates. People love updates, whether they are simple posts about when to wash your teeth, or complex ones that tackle dental implants; you can tell your visitors that you are more than just an active practice.

Discounts, special offers, promotions, all of that can be done online, and everyone loves seeing that % sign, especially when it means paying less money.

Let your business boom with online marketing, a cost-efficient way to reach more people. Your customers will definitely be smiling, and not just for a job well done.



SMS Texting: An Excellent Medium for Healthcare Marketing

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SMS Texting: An Excellent Medium for Healthcare Marketing

Cell phone in a woman's hand, city of Lights background

Healthcare is undergoing a big change and providers are under intense pressure to market themselves well to attract patients. Healthcare marketing  requires simplicity and effectiveness to get the attention of patients. Gone are the days where the patient would walk into the doctor’s office With the high cost of healthcare and abundant health information on the internet, patients are fully in control of when they visit the doctor. The paternalism in healthcare will fade away. With this trend it is really important to market to the patient.

As we all know and experience getting our attention is pretty hard these days. We live in a world full of distractions and constant communication. Our attention is split across all different forms of communication from all mediums – both digital and traditional mediums. Top mediums vying for your attention include email, phone calls, SMS/texting, messaging apps, facebook, twitter, ads at retail establishments and more. So how do you get the attention of someone first and then market to them?

If you look across most of us, the priority of getting attention is generally as follows – SMS/text messages gets read first, answering the phone next, messaging from apps including whatsapp, facebook messenger..etc., followed by email and then the last would be other types of apps.

The benefits of SMS messaging are hard to ignore, and many organizations are choosing this simple and effective way to communicate. Here are some reasons why:

SMS Messaging Is Ubiquitous:

Over 91% of all Americans have a mobile device within reach 24/7 (source: Morgan Stanley). Every phone is SMS enabled. Text messages now outrank phone calls as the dominant form of communication among Millennials. Fully 68% of 18- to 29-year-olds say that they texted “a lot” the previous day, which plunges to 47% among 30- to 49-year-olds and 26% among 50- to 64-year-olds. (Source: Why Millenials are Texting More, Forbes)

People Are Not Downloading Significant Number Of New Apps:

The average smartphone user in the U.S. has 41 apps installed (Nielsen, May 2012). As everyone else adds to the flood of push notifications and email, using text messaging has the ability to directly reach users. Most people are happy with a core set of apps that they use and think twice about downloading new apps. Even if they download new apps, they end up deleting the apps they are not using to save up space for their photos and videos.

SMS Healthcare Marketing

SMS Messaging Doesn’t Require An Internet Connection:

Although internet access has improved significantly as carriers improve their coverage, there are still places for example in hospitals, malls or inside building where access to data and internet is poor. SMS messaging doesn’t require Internet access and uses the cellular network which is highly mature. Even if you’re out of range and lack data coverage, users can still receive SMS messages. This makes it an excellent medium.

Reliably Identify Users:

Users rarely change their phone number, making it arguably the most permanent identifier available. SMS/texting can build a permanent connection with users and unlike email, phone numbers are difficult to fake, reducing fraudulent and duplicate registrations.

Connect more personally:

The mobile phone is arguably the most personal consumer electronic device[2] and arguably SMS is its most intimate form of communication. SMS startups have a direct line to their users and opportunity to build a more personal connection than other communication mediums.

Carriers Discounting SMS:

Over the last couple of years, carriers were charging separately for SMS. They knew it was something that everyone used and it was an easy money making tactic for them. To overcome this, a slew of messaging apps popped up – whatsapp, viber, tango, facebook messenger and more. With the explosion of such apps like people started using SMS less and to avoid this, carriers started providing unlimited SMS’ for free or bundling it along with the phone plans. With this SMS has taken off significantly again.

As you can see SMS based products have a clear advantage of ease of use, being ubiquitous and SMS certainly isn’t without its own challenges. SMS products do have limited analytics, reducing their insight into the behavior (e.g. when did they view the message?) and context (e.g. what platform are they on?) of the user. But, apart from these, they are a good old medium to communicate with users. We certainly believe they are an excellent medium to use for marketing.

EngageDr uses SMS technology to help dentists, chiropractors, optometrists and other healthcare providers receive patient referrals, setup appointments and receive patient feedback. Providers also have the option to distribute rewards via SMS. Contact us at info@engagedr.com to find out more.

Everything is Big in Texas, Even Dentists

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Everything is Big in Texas, Even Dentists


If you have ever driven through the streets of Dallas, you’ll notice one common thing – a donut shop and a dentist on every street. Have you ever wondered how all of these dentists could possibly be profitable? Maybe eating more donuts leads to more dentist visits! But, is relying on the inevitable a smart way to get new patients in the door?

Here are 10 stats that prove dentists need to market more:

1. Competition from Existing Dentists

There are a total of 204,846 dentists in the United States. The 1st largest concentration of dentists is in California with 32,347 and the 2nd largest is in Texas with 14,538.  Source

2. Booming Population of Possible Patients

Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth are ALL in the top 10 list of the fastest growing cities. Source

3. Brutal Competition from New Dentists

Texas graduates the 2nd largest number of dental students. Source dentists_students_TX

4. Population to Dentist Ratio

Since 2009, there has been a steady increase of 16.1% in the number of dentists in Texas. The ratio of population to dentists, on the other hand, has decreased. Therefore, there are now more dentists per capita. (2014 Health Professionals Resource Center)percapitadentists

5. Retiring Dentist = Searching Patients

Within the next 8 years, 32.5% of the dentists will be at or near retirement age. Newer dentists Dental students are graduating and starting their own practices, but how will the patients searching and newly graduated dentist connect? (2014 Health Professionals Resource Center)

6. Rise of Girl Power

About 20 years ago, 89% of dentist were male. Fast forward to 2014 and 49.5% of dentists were female. According to a recent article, women still continue to carry a much heavier burden when it comes to the balancing home and work life.  What could take a little of that burden off of their shoulders? Outsourcing their marketing to companies that have proven to increase patients, so that they can take care of essentials.  Source.

7. Reaching Millennials

Austin and Dallas rank among the top 10 for concentration of millennials. As most of us could guess, milennials use text messaging as their dominant form of communication. A reported 68% of 18- to 29-year-olds say that they texted “a lot” the previous day, which plunges to 47% among 30- to 49-year-old’s, and 26% among 50- to 64-year-old’s. Marketing to the millennial generation requires a separate strategy since most dentists rely on word of mouth.  Source 


8. Sugar Addiction

Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Houston are among the highest in terms of soda consumption. We all know sugar increases cavities and in turn increases the need for dental visits. With the sugar consumption only rising, dentists need to market more to insure patients are covered before the sugar does too much damage. Source

9. The Old Way is not Always the Best Way

Studies show that about 70% of new patients come through referrals, with most offices using the method of paper cards or email links. This way worked for the older generation, but as time and technology changes, this way will not be the way to reach younger generations. Marketing methods should reflect the interests and lifestyle of their customers without causing too much interruption from daily life.

10. Obesity and Gum Disease

In Texas, there is no shortage of malls to visit and new restaurants to try. So, it is no surprise that 30.9% of Texans are obese. A study, conducted by Case Western Reserve University, found there was a significant association between obesity and periodontal disease. Of the 13,665 participants, between the ages of 18 and 34, individuals that were considered over weight were found to be 76% more like to have periodontal disease than a normal weight individual. With such a strong link between obesity and periodontal disease, patients need to be shown the importance of regular visits and cleanings.  Source

So, do you think a dental practice needs to market in the state of Texas? Of course they do! But they need to do it SMART!

These ten stats prove there is a change in the demographic and lifestyle of both patients and dentists. Old methods of marketing are out of date and ineffective in attracting the newer age millennials. For that reason, dental practices need a modern method that resonates well with the newer generation while giving them the edge over their competition.

So, what is the solution? The answer is simple, EngageDr. EngageDr is a multi-channel marketing solution that uses texting to make dental marketing effective. Patients can refer friends and family,provide feedback, and opt-in for appointments via texting. Check out our video at www.engagedr.com/video

Contact us info@engagedr.com to find out more or sign up.

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